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The countdown nears the end…main engines ignite…the shuttle lifts off. What an exhilarating moment! But, during my years as an engineer at Johnson Space Center, those thrilling times were few and far between.

Are your exciting times with God few and far between? How can you ignite your relationship with Him? The secret is God's Word—His truth will lift your relationship with Him up from the ordinary to the exciting. He is continually teaching me and I'd love to share His truth with you...Igniting Thoughts

So…are you wondering how God could possibly transform a nerdy engineer into a full-time Christian author? It hasn't been easy—and the journey's not over yet... Meet Me

Above all, my heart's desire is that you experience God's love. You'll never find true excitement and joy without Jesus. He is God's Son, my Savior, and my best Friend. Would you like to meet Him?


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