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December, 2010:

The Joy of Giving

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

I used to marvel at the joy on the faces of my friends when they talked about their grandkids. Surely I could never love anyone more than I loved my two girls. And then Rafa was born! I can't explain it – it makes no sense – but I love that little boy with an intensity that takes my breath away! You grandmothers out there understand totally, don't you?

Why is that? Perhaps it's partly because memories of my own babies flood my heart every time I hold him or play with him. Maybe it's because he has my husband's chin and his Mommy's nose. His eyes are the same blue as his aunt's, my other daughter. His hair is the honey color of my sister's when she was a baby. Rafa is a conglomeration of all the people I love so deeply. When I look at him, the love for my husband, my daughters, and my sister all blends into one beautiful emotion.

And…Christmas is coming! I can hardly wait – I want to go to the store and by the entire baby section for him. And shoes—aren't baby shoes just the cutest things? I think my daughter has nightmares of a room in her apartment totally full of baby shoes bought by this out-of-control grandmother.

And yet, my love for Rafa is only a shadow of God's love for me—and for you. My desire to give is restricted by my paycheck; God's desire to give is limitless and His riches are infinite. Every good thing comes from Him – not just the exciting, wonderful things but the everyday things. A hot shower, a warm cup of tea, a good night's sleep, laughter shared with a friend – all of these are His gifts.

It's been such a joy to have Rafa and my daughter here to visit for the holidays. I see the world through new eyes. The light on the dishwasher when it's done, the Tupperware in the kitchen cabinet, the cars that drive by – everything is brand new to Rafa. His blue eyes are wide with wonder at everything he sees.

When did I lose sight of the magic of God's world? When did His creation become hum-drum? When did I stop marveling at all the wonderful gifts He gives me each day? My prayers don't often begin with praise and gratitude. Rafa is teaching me that my life needs to be spent rejoicing in God's grace and goodness.

Rejoice with me!


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