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Truths for Today:

October 2009:

Be still and know that I am God. Psalms 46:10

It's October in Houston. In most parts of the country, summer is slowly fading into fall—in Houston a very hot summer is fading into a less hot summer. I sat outside this afternoon, listening to the rumble of thunder in the distance. I saw dark clouds and an occasional flash of lightening. A rain-cooled breeze blew in my face. I sat—no thoughts racing around in my head, no lists of chores undone taunting me. I just sat; quiet and alone.

Be still. When have I been still before God, in the same way I rest in the sweetness of the breeze? When have I cleared my mind and allowed God to fill me with His peace, in the same way I'm soothed by the sound of thunder? What love He waits to pour out into our minds and hearts—if we'll just be still. What a joy to be in His presence—if we'll clear our minds of all the people who demand our attention. God wants to share Himself with us!

Know…Know God: who He is, not just what He does. Yes, I have my "quiet" time in the mornings—a time loud with distractions; loud with the prayer requests that fill my thoughts; loud with the call of busyness waiting for me in the day ahead. My prayers are more important than silence before Him. My eagerness to go about my day is more important than my time with Him. I read my Bible every morning—then I hurry off, doing my own thing.

But what does God desire above all else? He doesn't say "know that I am faithful." He doesn't say, "learn of my wisdom." His words are simple: "know that I am God."

He is God. There is no one besides Him. There's no one greater than Him. He is God: majestic, glorious, eternal. Perhaps we struggle too much to know what He does that we miss the heart of our faith: He is God. Perhaps we watch too hard to see His hand in our lives that we miss the wonder of seeing His face.

The God of the Universe, the God of Creation, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings—He is our God. He is God of our thoughts, God of our plans, God of each heartbeat.

Bask in the light of His love. Rejoice in His presence. Marvel in the fact that Almighty God is within you, with you, and surrounds you. Rest in this simple truth: He is God.

Be still and know that He is God!

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