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August, 2011:

May I help you?

Before they call I [the Lord] will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear. Isaiah 65:24

All I am trying to do is get a deed for a piece of property I own! It’s in another county and, although it wouldn’t be a long drive, I was sure some nice person would be willing to help me so I could save the gas money. Thus began my “customer-service nightmare”!

I pay my taxes like a good girl so I started off with the management company who sends me the maintenance and property tax bills. After going through three menu selections and repeatedly hearing “your call is very important to us,” I finally got to a real live person with a cheery, “May I help you?” Well, they didn’t know a thing about deeds so I should call this broker company—whatever that is—who handled the paperwork. She kindly gave me the phone number and sweetly told me to have a nice day.

So. . .I dialed that number. A couple menus and a disconnect later, someone finally answered my very important call. No, they didn’t have the deed. They were sure they’d mailed a copy to me. Sorry, they don’t keep copies. Perhaps I should check with the management company. . .do you see the trend?

By then I was a bit frazzled so I decided to wait until the next day. I’d call again—maybe I’d get a different customer-service agent who’d be more helpful.

The next afternoon I gave it another try. At the risk of using a cliché – same song, second verse. I started off with the broker company. It rang and rang but I was determined. Finally a recording told me it was searching for the party I was calling. More ringing, listening to some really bad music; I stood my ground. Another recording, only this time I had the privilege of leaving a message and someone would get back to me. I left a message and hung up—afraid I’d never hear from them again.

Well, miracle of miracles, my phone rang a couple hours later. A nice young man who sounded about twelve years old assured me that they had sent me the deed. I explained that I am a super organized person and, if they’d sent it, I’d have it. He got a bit testy and told me I should check with the management company because they’d received a copy as well. Hmmmm. . .

Back to the management company. After a song and dance or two, I got through. I was smart enough to note the name of the person I’d talked to the day before and, when I was transferred to her, she remembered our conversation and politely reiterated that they didn’t have a copy of the deed. I remarked how that was strange because the broker company had a record of sending a them a copy. A sputter or two later, she agreed to check again and—voila—there it was! Yes, she would happily put a copy in the mail. It would be no trouble at all. I sweetly thanked her and rejoiced when I received it two days later.

Can you relate? Trying to get help has become a real ordeal! Put on hold, passed around between menus, and dealing with people who act like you’re irritating them by calling. Now, just in case there are any lovely customer-service agents reading this, let me assure you that I’ve had some wonderful experiences—just not last week.

All of this came back to me this morning, during my quiet time. Do you ever stop to think about the awesomeness of prayer? We don’t have to wait on hold, suffering through choir music. We don’t have to listen to a voice inform us that all the prayer-answering agents are busy but that our needs are very important to them. We’re ushered into the very presence of God.

How amazing it is that the Lord of the Universe—our Father—listens to us! He doesn’t screen our calls or make us jump through menus. He doesn’t feel bothered by our requests for help; in fact, He craves time with us. He’s never too busy and we never hear a voice telling us to call back during business hours.

God is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He doesn’t go on vacation or take a nap. He is available to us any and every time we need him. Perhaps you giggled at my story but you can laugh right out loud with joy at promise of God’s continual watch-care. He’s there when you need Him and He’s sufficient to meet every need. Pick up the “phone” and give Him a call!

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. 1 John 5:14-15


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