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Igniting Thoughts:

March, 2010:

Water Your Faith

When Ike came tearing through Houston in 2008, our 3 trees came down, roots and all. Finally, just this month, we decided to replace them. We scoured tree nurseries looking for just the right trees—at just the right price. Did you realize how expensive trees are?

When the men came to put in the trees, one of them gave me careful instructions: Water them every day. Even if it rains, water them because rain doesn't soak all the way to the roots. Most if it just runs off into the street. "Be diligent," he says.

Isn't our faith just like those trees? God gives us vital instructions: Water your faith every day. I sit in Sunday School and in church and absorb the "rain" of God's Word but it doesn't really soak into my heart. It often runs in one ear and out the other. If I want my faith to grow, I have to water it every day.

That's hard set aside time every day. When I get up, I have ideas for my writing rumbling around in my head so I run in and begin to type. "I'll have my time with God later, after I get all this "wonderful" stuff down so I remember it," I say. Lunch is my favorite time to take a break and work the crossword puzzle in the newspaper—so "I'll do it later," I promise. In the late afternoon when I finish several hours of writing, I don't want to sit down with God then. My mind is mush! Again…"I'll do it later." Evening quickly rushes by and bedtime finds me climbing into bed, already half asleep. The day's over and "later" slipped into "never."

"Be diligent," God says, "Chose a time to meet with Me and stick to it." My day certainly goes better when I've watered my soul by talking to Him and reading His Word. I'm more patient with those around me when I'm reminded of His awesome patience with me. My work's so much more productive when I allow Him to teach me.

Our new trees will only sprout new leaves and grow if I water them daily. Joy…patience… kindness…self control, our lives can only bear the fruit of the Spirit if we water it with God's Word. Our faith can only grow if we spend time with Him.

Let's you and me take the challenge: water our faith every day. What time is best for you? Early morning, before you get the kids up or before you hurry around to get ready for work? Lunch time, when everybody in the office is gone and it's quiet? The baby's nap after you feed him? Evening when the kids are settled in bed? Your time with God is as vital as eating and sleeping.

Ask God to show when is best for you. Ask Him to give you the self control to do it every day. And when you miss a day or two—I know I will—ask Him to pursue you until you crave time with Him.

He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Psalms 1:3 (NIV)

Sprout new leaves, bear fruit, and grow in faith!

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