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December 2012 News

We greet a New Year, 2013! Believe it or not, the 13th of each month has always been a great day for me so Iím eager to see what God has planned for 2013.

I hope your Thanksgiving was full of family and food. This is such a hard time for self-control. I started downhill at the church Thanksgiving Feast and havenít done any better since. I always make my "famous" sweet potato dish. (Only famous because it's one of the few things I can make that's really good.) Sometimes it gets put with the desserts instead of with the veggies but it didn't seem to matter. Everyone gobbles it up anyway.

Now to the contest! How many of you know what sound a turkey makes? If you don't, ask a preschooler. Your job is to count the number of times you find that word, in one form or another, in the articles on this month's website (Igniting Thoughts, Giggles, and even in this News article). Send me the answer at As promised, five of you will win a copy of Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. Just to make it interesting for me, I allowed the engineer in me to define how the winners will be decided. It wonít be the first five people with the right answer. Iím using prime numbers to choose winners: 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th, and 15th. Of course, that assumes that more than 15 people read my website. (Hint: Be sure to read the Newsletter carefully.)

Of course, I have to slip into Grandma mode. It's hard to believe that Rafa will be three in February and that Millie is five months old! Millie is sitting up and she can get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth. Wonít be long! Itís obvious that Millie loves her big brother!

Now to work news. . .Two classes started Storms of Life in the fall. One completed the study and the other one is taking a break for the holidays. It's been so great to sit in on sessions and to see how God is using this study to bless each lady in a unique way.

I am planning to start a class in my home in late January. I plan to invite some of the ladies that live on my street and others I have met through church and other activities. I'm looking forward to it. It seems that, every time I teach Storms of Life, God reveals even more of Himself to me.

October 2012 News

Itís so exciting! I actually have some news this month!

First, you all will be delighted to know that Jann is back. I heard several times that y'all missed her Giggles article. I wonder if anyone would miss mine. . . .

A new, small class began studying Storms of Life on September 30. I was so honored and thrilled to go and meet the ladies and share the events in my life that led to the writing of Storms of Life. They are such sweet ladies and I'm eager to see how God blesses them as they go through the study over the next few weeks.

A second class will begin October 15. I will have the opportunity to meet with the class on October 22. God is blessing me so much and I'm praying He will bless each of these ladies.

I'm making some progress—finally—on my new study based on the seven letters found in Revelation 2-3. The working title is Living for God—in a World that Doesn't. How do you like that? Each of these churches found themselves surrounded by a society that rejected God. We are in the same boat, aren't we? I hope we can learn from these churches how to respond, and how NOT to respond. Please pray for me as I work on the proposal to submit to publishers.

And a few more new-baby pictures:

Proud parents, Nic and Jenyne, with Millie and Rafa
—July, 2012

Millieís sitting already! Sheís only 4 months old.
Poor Jenyne! October 2012

Rafa and Millie October 2012

June 2012 News

Itís been nice to rest a bit in June because May was hecticóbut it was wonderful! I spent a week back in Baytown, visiting friends and going to all the restaurants that we donít have in Seminole. It seems that, out here in west TX, they expect wives to cook. :(

Then Jann and I headed out to North Carolina for the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writerís Conference held each year at Ridgecrest Conference Center. I canít believe this was the 7th year weíve attended. It gets better every year! There is still so much I need to learn!

I enjoyed visiting with old friends and making some new ones. So many of the faculty members have become friends over the years and they are so eager to teach us how to be better writers. If you are a budding writer, I highly recommend you check out this conference. Itís one of the best around. And NC is gorgeous this time of year! The info for the 2013 conference will be available soon.

Check out the pictures to see what a good time we had:

Beth Vogt (in the silky blue gown) taught "The Working Life of a Writer as Told by the Movie 'The Princess Bride'." Complete with costumes, she made the class so much fun we didn't even notice how much we were learning! Beth's new book, Wish You Were Here is a fun read.

Dianne Mills (L) and Yvonne Lehman (R) are great authors and both are slightly crazy. That's why I love them so much!

Jill Lord is one of my conference buddies. We've known each other a long time and we've both grown as writers. She writes great children's books. Check out If Jesus Came to Visit Me on Amazon. It's precious!

My new partner in crime, Tina. We were proud to sit at the "crazy" table, with a few other partners in crime. We laughed until we cried—and we got a few strange looks from people who passed by. They were jealous that we were having so much fun!

November 2011 News

The two Storms of Life classes at First Baptist here in Baytown are winding down now. The Wednesday evening class just finished and the Friday morning class has it's last meeting next Friday, 12/2. These ladies have encouraged me so much by sharing the ways God has blessed them in the past eight weeks.

And...a new class begins this Thursday night, 11/17. I was surprised to be contacted by Grace at St. Stephen Lutheran Church in Longwood, FL and told that her ladies had chosen Storms of Life as their next study. All the way in FLORIDA! How cool is that? That just proves that you don't have to be in Texas—if you can access or you can do Storms of Life anywhere.

On a personal note, please pray for my husband and me. He has accepted a significant promotion—but there's a catch: we have to move to Seminole Texas. In case you're wondering, that's way out in the desert of west Texas, in the middle of nowhere. Literally! The nearest big town is 70 miles away. At 61 years old, I never thought I'd be moving away from my paid-for house and starting all over in a new place. What's God doing? I don't know. I do know I need the peace and calm to be able to support my husband as he goes through this transition. He's excited—I'm scared!

October 2011 News

What a month Iíve had! After spending a week in beautiful Pennsylvania with my grandson Rafa (and his parents), I came home to a busy schedule.

God certainly does like to stretch our faith, doesnít He? On Thursday, Sept 22, He took me way out of my comfort zone Ė I was the speaker at the Baytown chapter of the Kiwanis Club. I learned so much about the great work of this organization. Our youth are very blessed by the programs they sponsor. AnywayÖthere I stood, in front of a group that was largely men. Now, Iím comfortable speaking to women but this certainly was a new experience for me. And it was a great one! They welcomed me and made me feel very comfortable. And, as usual, once I started talking, there was no stopping me!

The next morning I found myself with a wonderful group of ladies at First Baptist Church, Baytown. Itís amazing how I can walk into a room full of ladies Iíve never met and feel instantly like Iím with family. There are no strangers among sisters in Christ! Iím eager to hear how God blesses them as they study Storms of Life. I was blessed and encouraged by their smiling faces.


Listen UP: I was interviewed on the November 2 broadcast of Christian Devotions Speak UP!. Hear it here. The first 20 minutes of the show are an interview with the teen hosts of a new program so please be patient.

What I'm Reading

I must be the only person around who didn't know about this wonderful devotional book. One of the classes doing my study gave a copy to me. It is the most amazing devotional I have ever used. Every day it speaks to me, a message just for that day. I love it so much I'm giving five copies away this month—provided you can find the clues.


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