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Storms of Life

Available December 2010

As you struggle through difficult days, do you ask, "How?" As you seek to rid yourself of heavy baggage from sorrows long past, do you ask, "When will I be free?". Storms of Life guides you through Scripture to show you how your Father God longs to bring you through the suffering to victory in Jesus—victory by coming through each storm in life with a stronger faith in Him and a deeper relationship with Him.

Storms of Life (draft title Sheltered During the Storm) won the 2007 Award of Excellence at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer's Conference. This eight-week Following God Bible study leads women through dark days using the analogy of a storm: preparing as the clouds gather, walking through the intense storm, and picking up the pieces after the crisis has passed. They discover indisputable truths that remain unchanged by their circumstances and apply God's Word to their difficult situations, allowing them to resolve anger and bitterness They're encouraged to find strength in Scripture, challenged to seek God's purpose and perspective in a time of suffering, and inspired to draw close to Him for strength and healing.

Order Storms of Life at and at or at your favorite bookstore.

To schedule me to speak to your Storms of Life class, contact me at sherryjcarter (at symbol)

If you use Storms of Life as a group study, the Facilitator's Guide is available here.

NOTE: The Faith Focus Card referred to in Chapters 6 and 7 were not included in the study book by the publisher. There is a place in the lessons to record the scripture verses but many leaders wish to provide cards so that the meaningful verses can be carried in a Bible or purse.

Some facilitators have provided sets of 3X5 index cards to the class members, one card for each Scripture heading: Prayer, Sovereignty, God's Plan, Praise, Strength, Confidence, Healing, Contentment, and Learn.

Others have used the larger 8X5 cards, already divided into the seven sections, using the back and front of the card to have sections large enough to allow for Scripture verses to be recorded.

Revealing Letters: 7 Lessons for Today's Woman

I'm currently writing this Bible study based on the seven letters to the churches found in Revelation. I've loved researching those 7 cities and the lives of the women who lived there.

Have you ever wondered if the Bible is relevant in today's world? How can a book as confusing as Revelation ever be applicable to your daily life? The letters to the seven churches are timeless and speak as powerfully to us today as they did to the women of the first century. Revealing Letters expresses these truths through the voices of several real-life fictitious characters who represent today's experiences. Meet the single woman who is trying to make it alone, the exhausted woman whose hectic lifestyle overwhelms her, the frightened woman who is under attack for her Christian beliefs, and several more. Through the eyes of these women, you will learn that God's Word is powerful, bringing guidance, solutions and promises to the issues we all face.


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