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Meet Me:

Reformed engineer – that's me! After many years as an engineer at Johnson Space Center in Houston, God saw fit to yank me out of the Space world and sit me down in front of a laptop, writing about His Word. I used to be so proud and excited watching the shuttle launch—a shuttle carrying crewmembers my team had trained and equipment we'd designed. Now I'm at home every day where the most exciting thing is having leftovers for dinner. At JSC, I wrote technical manuals and experimental procedures. Now I sit with a Bible and a concordance, surrounded by reference books, and pray for God to show me what to say.

My life has certainly been an adventure. I grew up in a military family, travelling around the world. I experienced different cultures, learned about different faiths, and ate some really interesting food.

I've held just about every job you can think of. I've ironed clothes for money and worked in a fast food place. Early in my marriage, I worked at M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center in Houston Texas and, after my children were grown, I worked at Johnson Space Center with the Shuttle Program. Did I mention marriage and children? Laundry, terrible twos, teenagers, and the joy of an empty nest. No job is more awesome and important!

God's called me to be many things over the years: daughter, sister, friend, stay-at-home mom, and career woman. But most precious to me is His call to be His daughter. I'm still amazed at Jesus' love for me, His willingness to cleanse my sins, and His desire to live within me.

Jesus is the one constant in my life; never wavering, no matter my circumstances. As a teacher, speaker, and author, my deep desire is to lead women to fall in love with God's Word and to bring His truths off of the page into real life.

"Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true." Revelation 21:5


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